The Thabile property has a secure palisade fence around the perimeter the property, along with security cameras and an armed response, an onsite security guard, and motorised access gate.   Thabile boasts a large, fully equipped playground, filled with activities and equipment that not only get kids exercising whilst playing, but also educates them on road safety and other important life skills. Additional gross motor equipment is set out daily for children to help fine tune their balance and co-ordination. Outside play times are monitored by teachers and teaching assistants, all of whom have completed 1st Aid and CPR courses, with refresher training every 2/3 years.  We are proud of our extensive library and promote a culture of reading and appreciation of books Every Thursday, children choose two library books to take home for the week. Themed books are used in the classrooms by the teachers to reinforce their weekly themes. Private lifting facilities are available if required (contact the office for more details)